Ricky Grant is active on the jamaïcan musical scene since 1964 when he records his first song with the Afrotones (with Delroy Williams and George Allison), he then join BB Seaton’s Gaylads in the beginning of the 70’s then forms Psalms after BB Seaton leaves Jamaïca.

He begins a solo carrier at the end of the 70’s when his friend Carlton “Tetrack” Hines introduces him to the great Augustus Pablo. He release two cults albums “Poverty People” and “I love Jah Rastafari” on Augustus Pablo’s label, Rockers International. In the same time he’s an educator in his communauty, create efficient social programs and even travels to U.S. to represent his country. Seeing the violence growing in Kingston, he decides to emigrate to U.S. and settle in New York. He works as specialized educator for young people and slow down his carrier a little but works with Horace Andy on his “See the light” album in the 80’s at Phillip Smart’s studio.

After 2000, with internet, he begins to receive some messages from his fans all over the world and it motivates him to have a come back on the musical scene. He produces his album “Sweet Reggae Music” containing old and new materials with some classics and some featurings from singers from the young generation. He begins to travel all over the world whenever possible to go and meet his fans and promote his music which leads him to lots of human and musical meetings.

At this time, Saymon , the Sons of Africa band drummer contact him and propose a collaboration on one of our riddim. He gives a positive response and does us a gift with “Pray Love”, an exclusive unreleased song which should comes out soon.
The next year, we have the pleasure to have Ricky at our studio for a short but very creative session. In 3 days, he records all the vocals of the “at Roots vibes” album and when before leaving the studio he tells us we have the good “jamaïcan like” method, his compliment goes straight to our heart.

For Ricky’s come back in France in summer 2013, we release the full album in CD and organize a big concert. Reviews are very encouraging and the french reggae mag Reggae Vibes does a long interview of Ricky Grant published in 3 of his numbers and finish with an interview of Mr Haze the producer.

What a reward for our first reggae release especially since others medias share this feeling about the album. Positives reviews are since motivating us to press a vinyl version of this album to allow this foundation artist the recognization he deserves with a larger public. One of Roots Vibes’ numerous project without counting that Ricky recorded a second chapter to our meeting when he came in 2013. No doubt that this comon adventure won’t stop soon.

Source: http://www.rootsvibes.com/home/label/ricky-grant/