TruthTown Productions is a new project & label led by two reggae lovers from
Euskal Herria (Basque Country): David González & Gorka Hoyos.

We are proud to present the kick-off release for this brand new independent label, featuring the
classic “Smoking My Ganja” riddim, originally written & composed in the 70’s by the well
known roots reggae band
Capital Letters, inna hard UK steppa stylee for this time.

On side A, the listener will find an extended version of “Chemical Food” by the great singer,
musician & producer Roberto Sánchez, owner of A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio, in Santander (Spain).
The lyrics fight against the new fashion way of food productions, which is no less than
another proved fact of the violence that capitalism puts into our lives.

Continuing with this same subject, on the other side, US deejay Ranking Forrest brings you the
toaster effort: “Give Me Ital Stew”. Rait?? Ras Telford closes this release with his sweet and
inspiring melodica version, “Sounds Of Deva”.

Technical Specs:

Intro by:
Drums: Txato.
Bass: Ladis “Rasla”.
Keys: Edurne Azkune & Txito.

Riddim by:
Drum & Bass Programming, Keys, Kette, Synare: Roberto Sánchez
Guitar: David González
Sax: Jimmy C.
Trumpet, Trombone: Gorka Fernández

Arranged & Produced by David González & Gorka Hoyos (TruthTown).

Intro Recorded @ Lobo Studio (Azpeitia, Basque Country) by Iosu Zubizarreta.
Riddim Recorded & Mixed @ A-Lone Ark Muzik Studio, (Santander, Spain) by Roberto Sánchez.
Mastered @ Euridia Studios (Bilbao, Basque Country) by Ibon Larruzea.
Design by TruthTown, Edurne, Sanfo & Aleko.